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Stylish and Convenient Bathroom Accessories Online

A well-functioning washroom and Convenient Bathroom Accessories Online. Whereas baths, showers, and vanities frequently take center stage,

a covered-up arrangement of clean machines plays a vital role in guaranteeing legitimate drainage and waste evacuation.

Sanjay Chilly provides a large selection of basic sanitary appliances to keep your bathroom—and your entire home—functioning smoothly.

Bathroom accessories online

1. Cockroach Traps and Floor Drains

Cockroach traps, although they are small, play an imperative role in preventing undesirable bugs from entering your bathroom.

Sanjay Chilly offers a choice of cautiously planned cockroach traps that successfully address this issue without degrading the aesthetics of your bathroom.

Floor drains are another basic component that goes unnoticed most of the time. They act as the door for wastewater to exit the bathroom floor and

enter the drainage system. Floor drains come in different shapes, sizes, and materials to suit distinctive needs.

Here are some key features to consider when choosing a floor drain for your bathroom:

  • Material: Stainless steel may be a prevalent choice due to its toughness and resistance to erosion. PVC (polyvinyl chloride) offers

a more cost-effective choice but may not be as solid. Brass is another choice, advertising a classic style but requiring more maintenance.

  • Size: The size of the floor drain should be appropriate for water it needs to handle. Larger drains are ideal for areas with heavy water flow, such as shower areas.
  • Grate Design: Floor drain grates come in various styles, offering both functionality and aesthetics. Choose a grate with a design that allows

for easy cleaning and prevents debris from clogging the drain.

  • Trap Design: The trap is the part of the floor drain that holds water, preventing sewer gases from entering the bathroom.

P-trap designs are the most common.

2. Shower Channel Drainers: A Modern Touch with Added Functionality

Shower channel drains are a stylish and functional alternative to traditional floor drains.

They consist of a long, narrow channel integrated into the shower floor that collects and directs wastewater.

Benefits of using shower channel drains:

  • Aesthetics: Shower channels offer a sleek, minimalist look that complements modern bathroom designs.
  • Accessibility: The low profile of shower channels creates a barrier-free showering experience, ideal for individuals with mobility limitations.
  • Efficiency: The elongated channel design allows for efficient water collection and drainage, minimizing the risk of standing water in the shower area.

Sanjay Chilly offers a variety of shower channel drain styles and sizes to fit your bathroom’s design and functionality.

3. Manhole Covers and Roof Drains: Keeping the Bigger Picture in Mind

While not strictly bathroom-related, manhole covers, and roof drains are essential sanitary appliances that play a crucial role in maintaining overall hygiene.

Sewer vent covers give access to the underground sewage framework for assessment and support.

They are ordinarily made from tough materials like cast iron or concrete and come in different sizes and weight capacities to suit diverse applications.

Roof drains are essential for channeling rainwater away from your roof and preventing leaks and water damage.

They are installed at strategic points on the roof and connect to the drainage system. Sanjay Chilly offers a selection of manhole covers and

roof drains to meet your specific needs.

4. 3-Piece Floor Drain: Easy Installation and Maintenance

A 3-piece floor drain simplifies the installation and maintenance process. It consists of three separate parts: the top grate,

the main body, and the base. This design allows for easy removal of the top grate for cleaning and access to the main body for clearing clogs.

5. Clean Outs: Addressing Clogs Before They Become Major Problems

Clean outs are strategically placed inside the drainage framework. They permit plumbers to get to pipes for assessment, cleaning,

and unclogging without having to break through walls or floors. Sometime recently, they ended up being major disturbances.

Clean Out6. Colorful Collections: Adding a Personal Touch

While convenience remains crucial, Sanjay Chilly gets that aesthetics matter as well. We offer a choice of sterile machines in several colours and wraps,

allowing you to add a personal touch to your bathroom while keeping up prevalent cleanliness. Here are a few examples of how

colorful collections can improve your washroom design:

  • Classic Chrome: A timeless choice, chrome offers a polished and elegant look that complements a variety of bathroom styles.

Chrome floor drain grates, shower channel drains, and manhole covers add a touch of sophistication while seamlessly blending with existing fixtures.

  • Modern Matte Black: Gaining popularity in recent years, matte black offers a sleek and contemporary aesthetic.

Matte black floor drain grates and shower channel drains create a bold statement, ideal for modern or minimalist bathroom designs.

  • Warm Brushed Nickel: Brushed nickel offers a warm and inviting feel, adding a touch of luxury to your bathroom.

Brushed nickel floor drain grates and shower channel drains pair beautifully with nickel or stainless-steel faucets and fixtures.

  • Accenting with Color: For a bolder approach, consider incorporating pops of color with your sanitary appliances.

Colored floor drain grates, for example, can add a playful touch to a children’s bathroom or create a unique focal point in a guest bathroom.

Available colors may include vibrant blues, calming greens, or even a touch of gold for added luxury.

7. Additional Considerations: Material Selection and Maintenance Tips

Material Selection:

The material you choose for your sanitary appliances will depend on factors like budget, desired aesthetics, and intended use. Here’s a quick guide:

  • Stainless steel: is durable, corrosion-resistant, and easy to clean. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • PVC: cost-effective option, lightweight, but may not be as strong as other materials. Suitable for low-traffic areas.
  • Brass: Has a classic and elegant look but requires more maintenance to keep its shine. Ideal for areas where aesthetics is a priority.
  • ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene): lightweight, chemical-resistant, and often used for drainpipes. Not typically used for draining grates or visible components.

Maintenance Tips:

Maintaining your sanitary appliances is crucial for ensuring their optimal performance and longevity. Here are some simple tips:

  • Regular Cleaning: Clean floor drain grates and shower channels regularly with warm water and a mild detergent. Remove any debris that may clog the drain.
  • Deep Cleaning: Periodically perform a deeper clean using a drain cleaner specifically designed for sanitary appliances. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.
  • Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners on your sanitary appliances, as these can damage the finish.
  • Inspect Regularly: Visually inspect your sanitary appliances for any signs of damage or wear and tear. Address any issues promptly to prevent more significant problems.


Keeping up a clean and sterile washroom environment goes beyond keeping the surfaces sparkling.

A well-functioning course of action for clean machines plays a basic part in ensuring proper drainage and waste removal.

Sanjay Chilly offers a comprehensive assurance of essential clean appliances, including cockroach traps, floor channels, shower channel channels,

sewer vent covers, roof channels, 3-piece floor channels, and cleanouts. We cater to convenience and aesthetics, offering an assortment of materials,

styles, and even color choices to suit your needs and preferences.

Visit Sanjay Chilly today and discover the perfect sanitary appliances to keep your bathroom and your entire home functioning smoothly and hygienically.

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